Cult Roots Singer Leon Redbone Dies at Unspecified Age

Tony Sokol May 30, 2019

Leon Redbone showcased the music that led to rock and roll in the rock era and maintained his mystery throughout.

Cult singer Leon Redbone, best known for his Panama hat, dark sunglasses and Frank Zappa mustache and goatee, died on Thursday of causes as-yet unknown. The guitar-playing singer's age was officially announced as 127, but according to Variety, was 69.

“He departed our world with his guitar, his trusty companion Rover and a simple tip of his hat,” Redbone's family said in a statement. “He’s interested to see what Blind Blake, Emmett and Jelly Roll have been up to in his absence, and has plans for a rousing singalong number with Sári Barabás. An eternity of pouring through texts in the Library of Ashurbanipal will be a welcome repose, perhaps followed by a shot or two of whiskey with Lee Morse, and some long overdue discussions with his favorite Uncle,

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