10 Hilarious Star Trek Memes That Only Trekkies Will Love

One of the most beloved science fiction IP’s of all time, Star Trek and its many spin-off series have built up one of the most popular franchises in television history. After Star Trek originally aired in the ‘60s, several films were made to varying success, but it wasn’t until the end of the ‘80s that Trekkies would get to see a new fresh take on Starfleet and bold space exploration that would revive the fandom. Star Trek: The Next Generation aired in 1989, and ushered in a whole new generation of fans.

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After Tng, Star Trek: Voyager debuted as well as Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, making three Star Trek series on at the same time at one point. Each Star Trek series offered more excitement and drama, and over the years, the chance for more humor to be found.

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