Good Omens Ending Explained

Michael Ahr May 31, 2019

So with the ultimate crisis averted in Good Omens, what does the ending mean for all of the characters involved?

This article contains spoilers for the ending of Good Omens.

Although most of us went into our viewing of Good Omens knowing that Crowley the demon and Aziraphale the angel would be seeking to avoid Armageddon, it has now become clear that the end times were halted despite their actions rather than because of their intervention. Sure, Crowley may have made the fateful error that put Adam Young on his unconventional path, but that wasn’t his own devious plan; it just happened… perhaps according to an ineffable plan. So what can we conclude about the final events of the six-part miniseries?

It was, of course, the Antichrist himself who held all the cards, able to shape the world to his own beliefs, and the Four Horsemen

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