Drive-In Dust Offs: Help Me… I’M Possessed (1974)

They’re there. Just when you’ve given up hope of finding shining fecal matter at the bottom of the filmic pool, one catches your eye with a title alone. And when you crack open the fetid artifact and find it filled with everything you’ve wanted and more, well, it’s cause for celebration. Welcome to Help Me…I’m Possessed, a whack-a-doodle mélange of Al Adamson, Herschell Gordon Lewis, Mad Scientist flicks, and a heaping dose of insanity. It isn’t good, but it sure is wonderful.

Premiering in October in Orlando, Florida, Help Me (Aka Nightmare at Blood Castle) was given a limited theatrical release in ’76, followed by a brief life on video as The Possessed in the ‘80s. No matter which format you didn’t see it in back then these are different times, and even an obscure oddity like this gets a fancy Blu-ray to be preserved forever.

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