New ‘Joker’ 2019 Movie Teaser Trailer And Plotline Revealed

Recently, Warner Bros. Pictures posted a brand new teaser movie trailer for their upcoming "Joker" movie. I know we're a little late on this. Heck, we're actually a lot late, but who cares? We were busy with other things. What's important is that we're posting this teaser trailer (below) now for the brand new "Joker" flick that's about to hit theaters in a couple of months. October 4, 2019 to be exact. So, be sure to mark down that very important date on your movie calendars. We were able to get a hold of brief plot summary for this movie. It sounds like the new "Joker" flick will definitely be interesting to watch as it will totally be a stand alone movie about the Joker and his alter ego Arthur Fleck. It will be set in the early 1980's. 1981 to be exact. The plot summary describes Arthur Fleck as being a man who's been shunned by society.

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