Gary Baum (‘Will and Grace’ cinematographer) on going places ‘the show wouldn’t go normally’ with psychedelic episode [Exclusive Video Interview]

“Once we got onto the set, it was like no one had ever left,” reveals cinematographer Gary Baum about the revival of “Will & Grace.” The Emmy-winning cameraman has been with the series since the very first episode, starting as an operator before moving up to Dp in season eight, which was the original run’s farewell year. Baum spoke about the successful revamp, now in its second year, at Gold Derby’s Meet the Btl Experts panel, moderated by managing editor Chris Beachum. The event took place at the Landmark Theater in Los Angeles on Thursday, May 30. Watch our exclusive video interview with Baum above.

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He spoke at length about his Emmy submission episode, “Family, Trip,” in which Will (Eric McCormack), Jack (Sean Hayes), and Karen (Megan Mullally) unwittingly take hallucinogens.

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