10 Best Cringe Comedy Shows To Watch Now That Nathan For You Is Cancelled

There's nothing quite like cringe comedy. Cringe comedy is amazing because we get to watch painfully awkward situations unfold from a safe distance. One of the reasons this genre is so funny is because of how relatable it is. We could all pinpoint situations in our lives that have reached the level of awkwardness depicted on these TV shows, yet luckily don't have to engage in these impossibly cringe-worthy interactions.

Perhaps one of the best examples of cringe comedy comes from Nathan For You, a show that centers around a socially oblivious man named Nathan Fielder who goes around pitching terrible marketing ideas to companies, which usually end up failing miserably. Some of these pitches include "Dumb Starbucks" and "balloon horseback riding for morbidly obese people" just to name a few. As sad as we are that one of the funniest shows of all time is coming to an end,

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