Oldboy coming to DVD, Blu-Ray and Ltd. Ed 3-Disc Blu-Ray from Arrow Video

This August, Arrow Video presents a special edition of one of the key films by a giant of cinema, a Korean masterwork in a highly-collectible three-disc edition. As well as featuring a pristine restoration and unmissable extras, the release is beautifully packaged with new artwork and specially commissioned writing.

Park Chan-wook’s brutal, lyrical modern classic of the revenge genre, Oldboy, is often cited as one of the best films of the 2000s and possibly the definitive example of extreme Asian cinema. The masterpiece has been newly mastered in 4K and is presented here in a stunning limited edition three-disc set with a massive array of extras including the feature-length documentary Old Days, three hours of bonus interviews, and a 100 page hardbound book and a fold-out poster; there is also a two-disc set bursting at the seams with extras, and a standard DVD version.

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