Modern Family: Lily's 10 Sassiest Quotes

When ABC's Modern Family first premiered back in 2009, the adorable little Lily Tucker Pritchett was only a baby, introduced to the world and her big extended family through a now iconic "Circle of Life" recreation. The adopted daughter of Cameron Tucker and Mitchell Pritchett, Lily spent the first two seasons of the series as a tiny tot, offering adorable facial expressions and a welcome dose of cuteness to every scene she was in.

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Starting with the series' third season, Lily was recast. Pint-sized scene stealer Aubrey Anderson-Emmons arrived and the rest is history. Lily quickly went from being the adorable little baby everyone fawned over to a total sass queen who was as unpredictable as they came. Always ready with a good witty remark and some totally bruising honesty, Lily has remained one of the series' most entertaining characters

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