Song lyrics: Kabir Singh Shahid and Kiara get smitten in love via 'Mere Sohneya'!

The next from T Series? ?Kabir Singh, ?Mere Sohneya?, establishes the strong and intense ?love bond between the main protagonists, Kabir (Shahid) and Preety (Kiara). Proceedings commence with a lost Kiara ?(Looks a perfect first prof student!) in her ?medico class as she is jolted by a classmate and then packs her bag ?as she goes to meet Shahid. He greets and admonishes her wrapping Kiara with his coat ?as it is too cold and is in turn hugged by her. Then follow some heart warming romantic scenes as the couple chat on Apple laptops, enjoy amidst snow clad mountains and trees, then go on a trip along with friends, and it culminates with ?a very aesthetically shot love scene.?

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Bann thann ke mutiyara aaiyan

Aayiaan patola bannke

Kanna de vich peepal pattiyan

Baahi chooda khannke?

Baahi chooda khannke

Mere sohneya sohneya ve

Ve maahi mera kitthe naiyo

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