Victoria Rowell Opens up About Returning to Y&R and Her New Projects (Exclusive)

Actress Victoria Rowell was "honored" to participate in The Young & The Restless’ tribute to the late Kristoff St. John (ex-Neil), who’d been her friend and love interest both during her long run as Drucilla and in a series of Christmas movies. “It was a beautiful experience to share hugs with the cast and the amazing crew that I hadn’t seen in 11 years,” she shared. “It was very emotional and very needed.” Might her involvement in the special precipitate the long-awaited resurrection of her presumed-dead character? “That ball is entirely in their court,” Rowell maintained, “but yes, I would return.” Currently, the actress is making an impact via the recent DVD/VOD release of the film version of Jacqueline And Jilly, the Umc/Prime Video series that she wrote, directed, produced and stars in about how the opioid addiction of a Washington, DC, lobbyist’s 20-year-old daughter affects their whole family.

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