Pokémon Sword And Shield Leak Allegedly Reveals Starter Evolutions

Earlier this week, Nintendo and The Pokémon Company emerged from hiding to reveal the latest batch of information for Switch games Pokémon Sword and Shield.

The 15-minute presentation divulged details for several new mechanics, including mountain-sized Dynamax Pokémon and a free-roam Wild Area with gameplay inspired by last year’s Let’s Go! spinoffs. Some announcements, like the addition of Raid battles, proved surprising, to say the least, and certainly provided Trainers with enough material to dissect until further reveals roll around.

Taking into account the current reveal schedule for Sword and Shield, the next big batch of footage is likely to arrive via next week’s E3, though an insider may already have spilt the beans on what to expect. Hailing, as many rumors do, from 4Chan, this latest round of hearsay surfaced a few weeks back but largely went unnoticed due to its unverifiable nature. Since then, however,

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