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Adriana Trigiani’s Very Valentine Review: What Happens in Italy Doesn't Stay in Italy!

What happens in Italy does not stay in Italy, my friends.

Let that be a word to the wise. This summer, Lifetime has their Book to Screen Saturday movies, and on the list was Adriana Trigiani’s Very Valentine starring Kelen Coleman from Big Little Lies.

The real star of the movie was Jacqueline Bisset as the coolest, prettiest, and most awesome grandmother around, Teodora. Um, excluding my grandmother, of course.

She was vibrant, full of life, and a blast for the entire movie. Also, the family dynamics of this movie were all over the place, but Gran and Valentine working, living, and going on vacation together (as well as finding their love in Italy together) was the type of modern famiglia quality content I adore.

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Unlike the rest of her big family, Valentine was the only one who

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