Film Review: For Love’s Sake (2018) by Naoki Segi

I must say, my first impression, composed of the outline and poster of this movie, was: “Oh please, not another corny romantic culinary drama.” In Japan, there has always been an audience craving for food and craftmanship orientated content. The long list of contemporary dramas ranges from Asadora’s like “Massan” (2014) to the Netflix hit “Midnight Diner” (2011) and also includes big oversea successes “An” (2015). The Japanese movie industry, therefore, has a very big output serving this demand. I was even more surprised when I actually saw the movie and I had to admit, that the saying “Don’t judge a book by its cover” once more was accurate.

“For Love’s Sake” is screening at the Toronto Japanese Film Festival

The plot of Naoki Segi’s “For Love’s Sake” offers a pretty simple and predictable fish-out-of-the-water scenario. Shirio (Rina Kawaei), obligated to her incredible palate for wine, is the

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