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Hilary Swank Returns to Sci-Fi in I Am Mother

Don Kaye Jun 10, 2019

The Oscar-winning actress plays a mysterious character in Netflix’s new post-apocalyptic thriller.

The last time that Hilary Swank starred in a science fiction movie was 2003, when she played one of a team of scientists who drill deep into the Earth’s crust to save the planet in the rather out-to-lunch The Core. She’s back underground in I Am Mother, a decidedly more serious story in which she plays a mysterious character known only as Woman. Swank’s enigmatic interloper comes between a young girl named Daughter (Clara Rugaard) and an AI called Mother (voiced by Rose Byrne) when the girl lets Woman into the bunker in which she has been raised by Mother from an embryo.

The bunker, it turns out, is a repository for thousands of such embryos, stored there to restart the human race in the wake of an unknown global catastrophe. But

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