Film Review: Sir (2018) by Rohena Gera

When Indian independent cinema deals with intercaste relationships or the issues involving employers and their servants, it usually produces dark, gritty and high-caliber dramas. However, “Sir”, the feature debut of director and screenwriter Rohena Gera, is crafted in a completely different style. It doesn’t fall into the same category as critically acclaimed “Fandry” by Nagraj Mangule or classic like “Paar” by Goutam Ghose, but this is not a flaw. Quite the opposite, the female director’s approach is pleasurably refreshing.

“Sir” is screening at London Indian Film Festival

Before “Sir”, Gera came out with a witty documentary “What’s Love Got to Do with It”, which was an interesting portrayal of a young privileged generation of Indians, exploring their expectations about love and marriage. The film also raised the issue of family and gender roles that prevail in society despite the changing lifestyles. “Sir” explores those further, but in a fictionized manner.

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