10 Best Songs of 2019- Mid-Year Edition

Is it June already? Once again, a whole year seems to flash by in an instant and what felt like January is now actually December. Bollywood runs at such a pace it’s so hard to remember what came out last month and the trailer that got you excited a few weeks ago, is now the movie that’s already finished in theatres. So, it’s time to take a quick stop and restock and have a look at the 10 best songs so far this year.

10. ‘Beh Chala’ – Uri

Uri is the story based on real events of a critical strike by Indian Special Forces. But even the strongest, the fittest and the best of the best need a moment to be human. ‘Beh Chala’ reminds us that these are people both as individuals and a strike force team. Families, paperwork and the uniform all must find a way to be balanced.

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