Listen to the First Song From Back To The Future: The Musical Here

We have the first song available for you to listen to from the upcoming Back to the Future: The Musical, called Put Your Mind to It. The song has words and a melody and is a good PSA to let people know how many things rhyme with the sentence, “put your mind to it.”

It just makes me wonder if they’ll be using the classic songs from the film like the Back to the Future theme by Alan Silvestri, Huey Lewis & The News’ The Power of Love, and the oldies classic Earth Angel. That would be awesome, and actually give the musical the feeling of the original films.

I am a fan of musicals in general, but I just don’t know about this one. It has an incredibly high standard to live up to, which just seems like a difficult starting point, but I will save my criticisms for the final product.

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