Exclusive Interview: Jamey Giddens Hits the Big Time with 'Ambitions'

Ambitions star Robin Givens and creator/producer Jamey Giddens.Writer and producer Jamey Giddens made a name for himself covering soap operas for Daytime Confidential for more than a decade. His hilarious and insightful podcast commentary, and fascinating interviews, set him apart in the crowded blogosphere, not to mention the fact that he broke more news than every other soap opera journalist combined. What really made it work was his genuine love for the soaps as a lifelong viewer, combined with a deep understanding of how to tell stories as a talented writer. It was no surprise when he was asked to co-write the first season of Victoria Rowell's comedy series The Rich and the Ruthless, and earned an Indie Series Award nomination for his work. It was only a matter time before an even bigger break came his way, and it happened last year when prolific hit-maker Will Packer

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