Doctor Who: 19 Things We Miss About the Twelfth Doctor

As the Ninth Doctor once said, "Everything has its time, and everything dies." That's always been especially true with Doctor Who, given that the main character is designed to regenerate and be played by a new person every so often. 

I recently ended up knee-deep in a Doctor Who rewatch and I found myself really connecting with the Twelfth Doctor. 

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In a 2014 Radio Times article that interviewed a cross-section of fans, Neela Debnath from The Independent said, "There's none of the flirty silliness -- Capaldi is as abrasive as walking through Glasgow on a midwinter's night." 

Watching Capaldi's scenes again it definitely feels like there's a darker tone to the character in these seasons, and yet he's still mirthful when he wants to be. The wise and stoic Doctor had some pretty big shoes to fill but still left an impression on fans.

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