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Hasbro celebrates 35 years of Transformers

It’s been 35 years since the launch of The Transformers, a property that took the 1980s by storm with a hugely successful toy line, Saturday morning cartoon and comic book series featuring the heroic adventures of the Autobots and their battles against the evil Decepticons.

In the decades following, the Robots in Disguise have gone from strength to strength, with a host of animated shows, comic series, video games and a hugely successful live-action feature film franchise. And of course, throughout this all, we have the beloved toy line, which has now enthralled generations and remains one of the biggest selling toy brands of all time.

To celebrate the 35th anniversary, the lovely people at Hasbro were kind enough to send us over a free sample of some of the latest Transformers toys – and there’s certainly plenty to love for old school Generation One fans here this year.


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