Krypton Season 2: What's Next for Brainiac?

Aaron Sagers Jun 12, 2019

Blake Ritson gets even deeper into Brainiac's head for Krypton season 2.

Blake Ritson has a lot on his brain, as might be expected when one is playing a godlike hyper-intelligent alien android under five hours’ worth of makeup, and prosthetics. But while the actor is immersed in thought about his portrayal of classic Superman villain Brainiac, he is in exceedingly good spirits about the character’s arc during Krypton season 2. But perhaps the other characters on the show facing off against Brainiac be a little less at ease.

“If you do the intellectual tango with Brainiac, you can expect to get your feet trampled on,” Ritson says.

To be fair, Brainiac trampled some feet in the first season as well when he showed up in Krypton’s past to bottle the city Kandor. Time travel shenanigans occurred, and misfit hero – with a dubious grasp of history --

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