Rambo V: Last Blood Meets 3 From Hell In Incredible Fan Trailer

Hot on the heels of the Rambo V: Last Blood vs. Godzilla: King of the Monsters mashup trailer, we now have Stallone taking on the 3 From Hell gang. It’s easy to see why JoBlo Horror decided to throw together the two previews as Rambo From Hell, as both promise heaps of violence, albeit with Rob Zombie’s effort likely to have more black humour. Given the brutal tone of the Rambo V: Last Blood tease though, it’s certainly going to compete with 3 From Hell in terms of action.

The fan trailer begins with Last Blood‘s reintroduction to John Rambo, as Stallone’s character gears up for another, potentially final, mission. In this take, though, it’s the gruesome Firefly family who are behind Rambo’s tragedy, with the video splicing his voiceover into footage of the clan. Credit also to the trailer for finding some suitable

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