Panel Discussion #55: Top Covers for the week of 6/12/2019

What makes a great comic cover? For me, a comic cover is part of the storytelling process. It can set expectations, provide foreshadowing to what is to come, and possibly even set wrong expectations for the purpose of subverting them. Thinking back to my youth when you would have those covers with, “Only one will survive” but then everyone ends up making it. If a cover looks great but has little to nothing to do with the comic it is in front of that makes it a great image not necessarily a great cover. So if you are reading this article and wondering where some of those infamous variant covers are I typically won’t include them if they are not a reflection of the story at hand.

Star Wars: Vader – Dark Visions Cover Artist: Greg Smallwood

One of the biggest reasons this cover caught my eye was due to

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