The Sequel to A Quiet Place Will Give Us Some Much-Needed Answers About Those Aliens

A Quiet Place isn't a perfect movie, but part of its buzzy appeal is from its bold choice of breaking the traditional horror movie formula in a few ways. Like, when the youngest, cutest son in Emily Blunt and John Krasinski's family is ripped apart in the first few minutes of the movie. Or when, rather than spending precious time on an extensive flashback telling us how the aliens came to earth, it lets us come to those conclusions ourselves, choosing to focus on the present predicament the Abbott family finds themselves in. But if the lingering questions of where those sound-hunting aliens arrived from and how their invasion first began are still eating away at you, we have good news: the A Quiet Place sequel will give us some answers.

In Observer's recent interview with new cast member Brian Tyree Henry, the actor revealed a few key details

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