Ew, David! Here's What You Need to Know About the Final Season of Schitt's Creek

We enjoy the annual hiatus from Schitt's Creek about as much as David Rose enjoys polyester, but here we are, with several months to go before new episodes of the hilarious Canadian sitcom return to our screens. While we wait for the sixth season, we've got a handful of details that the cast and crew have already released. Here's what we know so far about what to expect from the next season.

When Will Season 6 Premiere?

While there's been no official release date for season six, past seasons can give us a pretty good idea of when to expect new episodes. All five of the previous seasons, dating back to its debut in 2015, have begun airing in January. It seems safe to assume, then, that the next season will follow the same pattern and kick off in January 2020. At a May event, the cast confirmed that they had wrapped shooting on all interior sets,

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