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90s Video Action Stars Rampage Part I – Lorenzo Lamas, Olivier Gruner, Roddy Piper, Billy Blanks and Frank Zagarino

Tom Jolliffe takes a time machine back to the booming straight to video action era of the 90s, and looks at some of the headliners…

Call me sentimental but the idea of a VHS player whirring away in its machine, having been carefully picked from the local video shop gets me all misty eyed. In the grand pantheon of film perusing, the long distant days of the video shop were probably the most enjoyable experience for film fans, something that will never be matched by modern streaming.

In my formative film years the video shop offered a candy store worthy array of wondrous possibilities and before the internet could advise me otherwise, the only thing I had to go on was the recognition of all the biggies I knew of, or the video covers. Artwork these days is often uninspired, lacking the eye catching majesty of 80’s and 90’s video

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