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Anime Review: Mirai (2018) by Mamoru Hosoda

Director Mamoru Hosoda, founder of production house Studio Chizu, has brought us some very compelling and imaginative anime films during the latest years like “The Boy and The Beast” and “Wolf Children”, and even techno-savvy “Summer Wars”, that had a strong family presence in the background. “Mirai” is no exception in facing yet another aspect of family life and it takes it further exploring what makes one and ultimately, what makes us the way we are.

Mirai” is screening at the 27th Art Film Fest Kosice

Kun is a happy boy. He has young and dynamic parents, owns a lovely dog Yukko and lives in a funky modernist house, designed by his architect dad, complete with an enclosed garden. He also has a playroom all for himself that he likes to fill with train sets, which he loves and whose names he knows by heart.

But this idyllic order of

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