“Deep Murder” Mixes Comedy And Horror With Soft Core Porn

Many filmmakers, even including Kevin Smith on a recent podcast, have spoken of how the tools used to make someone laugh are similar to those used to scare. So, it makes perfect sense how well comedy and horror go together. Especially with a novel concept, horror comedies can be a lot of fun. In the case of this week’s newest effort of this ilk, Deep Murder certainly has a terrific hook. Far more funny than it is anything particularly scary, it’s the sort of film that has a ton of fun with its silly concept. High art, this is not, but it’s more than funny enough to recommend. The movie takes place within a soft core porn video. Literally. It opens with an old fashioned VHS beginning and everything. At first, characters like Babs (Katie Aselton), Doug (Jerry O’Connell), Hugh (Quinn Beswick), Jace (Chris Redd), and of course,

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