"The Tick" Really Is Dead, Creator Confirms No New Network Stepped Up After Amazon Cancellation

Sad day for fans of “The Tick,” as series creator Ben Edlund announced on Twitter that the show won’t be brought back by a new network after Amazon’s cancellation.

“After much door-knocking we have found no new home for the Tick series in this current market,” Edlund tweeted on Friday “#SaveTheTick & #LunaTickArmy, I’m sorry we could not reward your glorious support with better news. I am so proud of the show, of the cast and crew and writers, and so warmed by the fans.”

“We will look for other opportunities to continue this story with this cast, but the current series must I’m afraid come to its end.”

Even in a pop culture landscape overloaded with superhero movies, tv shows, and streaming series, “The Tick” stood out as one of the most unapologetically

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