Comic Book Review – Transformers #7

Ricky Church reviews Transformers #7…

After taking a bit of a break from the main plot in the previous issue, Brian Ruckley emphasizes how much more drastic the situation on Cybertron has become in the aftermath of Rubble’s murder. Transformers #7 is pretty effective in its emphasis of what this means for many of the characters going forward, whether it’s through Bumblebee’s grief or the political ramifications Orion has to deal with. Ruckley moves pieces into some interesting places that makes the series more intriguing.

It’s somewhat surprising to learn Rubble actually died at the end of Transformers #5. As the audience’s mouthpiece and eyes for the reboot, as well as being a pretty central character, the fact Ruckley has taken him off the board is a game changer for the series. On the one hand, it’s shocking Rubble has died before getting to really know Cybertron

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