Women Spies Who Kick Ass

Den of Geek Staff Jun 17, 2019

With the release of Anna upon us, we look back at 11 of film and television's most badass women spies and assassins.

This article is sponsored by the upcoming movie Anna.

The Cold War may be long over, but espionage is making a comeback. Every day brings new details of spy rings in capitals, and commanders-in-chief welcoming the aid of foreign intelligence to win elections, but on the big screen the thrall of spooks has never been long dormant. For instance, this month brings the release of Anna, the latest Luc Besson-directed action movie about women spies who can kick some serious ass. Only this Russian supermodel turned superspy does it all herself, like the best of them. As played by real-life model Sasha Luss, the eponymous spy comes to Paris in this movie claiming to be working a fashionable job, yet the business she

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