How Netflix Created an Unintentional Repertory Company

Taking a cue from the theater and the old Hollywood studio system, Netflix has built up an impressive stock company of actors since getting into original programming. But interestingly, it is more coincidence than intentional creation of a repertory company.

The streaming giant does not have a dedicated casting department at the network level. Instead, Netflix originals work with a variety of casting directors, and the repetition in hiring talent is more hard work on the actors’ parts, as well as a byproduct of the seemingly never-ending river of content across a variety of genres that the service produces.

That’s not to say actors on other streaming services do not appear in more than one show. For example, “Pen15” co-creators and lead actresses Maya Erskine and Anna Konkle have popped up on “Casual” and “Ramy,” respectively. Meanwhile on Amazon, Bryan Cranston has starred in and executive produced “Sneaky Pete

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