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End Trip Looks at the Dangers of Travelling with Strangers (Out June 21st)!

Tagline: "Your Next Ride Might Be Your Last!" Terror Films continues its Summer release schedule with End Trip. A tale of a ridesharing trip gone wrong, End Trip was developed by and stars Aaron Jay Rome. Part horror and all thriller, End Trip looks at the dangers of these semi-independent rideshare services. Taken to the extreme, Brandon works for Uryde and he picks up Judd. Together, they share stories of their lives. But one character's life involves murder. And, this will be one character's last trip. End Trip also stars: Ashley Lenz (Go Crazy Go Mad), Jaren Mitchell and Michelle West. A preview of the film's upcoming release is hosted here. The film's first trailer shows the interplay between Brandon (Rome) and Judd (Eric LeBlanc). Each reveals a little about their struggles. But then, one man enters the other's life and events take a dangerous turn from there. Terror Films has set the release date,

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