The Long History Behind the Royal Tradition of Garter Day

It seems like the British royals are always arriving at one ceremonial event or another. Every June, though, there's one particularly important ceremony that has a rich, centuries-long tradition behind it. If you've never heard of Garter Day, here's what to know.

Garter Day is the day each year when members of the Order of the Garter gather at Windsor Castle for an annual meeting. In years where new members are being brought into the order, this day also marks the occasion of their official investiture ceremony. It is a very formal occasion, at which the members of the Order wear their elaborate ceremonial robes and insignia. Spouses of the Knight Companions and Lady Companions are in attendance at Garter Day as well. According to the official royal website, the day follows a set order of business.

"The day begins with The Queen formally investing any new Companions with the

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