MTV Movie and TV Awards 2019 winners: Best prediction scores by our Editors and Users

Congratulations to our User Thomas Mulligan for a great score of 68.75% when predicting the 2019 MTV Movie and TV Awards winners on Monday. He is actually tied with nine other people — unbb24, Francisco Bravo Goldberg, ConstableReggie, KathyLI, Vanessa Mooney, JJ Herkenhoff, Leon94, Sai and Steven Steele — but has the better point score total of 8,792 by using the 500 super bets wisely.

A total of 775 people worldwide predicted these MTV champs for the ceremony hosted by Zachary Levi. Our top scorer got 11 out of 16 slots correct, including Best Movie (“Avengers: Endgame”), Best Movie Performer (Lady Gaga), Best TV Show (“Game of Thrones”) and Best TV Performer (Elisabeth Moss).

Seemtv Movie and TV Awards winners 2019: Full list of winners and nominees

You can see how your score compares to all others in our leaderboard rankings of all contestants, which also includes links to see each participant’s predictions. To see your own scores,

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