Don't look now: in defence of trigger warnings at the movies

Calls for audiences to be alerted to potentially distressing scenes of sex, violence or drug use are under fire – but everyone has the right not to be upset at the cinema

Rocketman, the Elton John biopic, has been applauded for its raw portrayal of the singer’s heavy drug use and its surreal rendering of his suicide attempt conveying the dream-like state of John’s reality. These scenes are necessary to a faithful account of John’s life, but their inclusion prompts the question: should trigger warnings be issued before the film? In New Zealand, the classification of last year’s A Star Is Born was changed to include an explicit suicide warning after two young people were “severely triggered” by the film. There were also calls for Alfonso Cuarón’s Roma to include trigger warnings for a particularly distressing scene that the actors themselves were unaware would be included.

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