Teaser Trailer For Netflix's Procedural Drama Criminal with David Tennant and Hayley Atwell

Here’s a series taking a new spin on the old British procedural. Netflix is bringing us an anthology series that set in four different countries, with different casts and directors, and different stories… that are all set in the interrogation rooms in police stations.

The series will be set in France, Spain, Germany and the U.K. The series is described by Deadline as a “stripped down, cat-and-mouse drama that will focus on the intense mental conflict between the police officer and the suspect in question” that will be written, directed, and produced by the local language and talent to each country.

Deadline reports the following descriptions and cast info for each installment:

Pinnock, Cheat’s Katherine Kelly Lee Ingleby, Mark Stanley, Rochenda Sandall and Shubham Saraf star in the UK episodes with Tennant and Atwell guest starring alongside Youssef Kerkour, and Clare-Hope Ashitey.

In France, Margot Bancilhon, Laurent Lucas,

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