Emmy spotlight: ‘Good Omens’ is peak David Tennant, reflecting his greatest hits as an actor

Watching Amazon‘s “Good Omens,” I couldn’t help but think that Crowley was a role that only David Tennant could have played, if only because of how well it combines seemingly incongruous elements of his past performances: the whimsical heroism of “Doctor Who,” the cantankerousness of Di Alec Hardy in “Broadchurch,” and the malevolent charisma of Kilgrave in “Jessica Jones.” If “Good Omens” weren’t based on a novel from 1990, I’d swear it was Tennant fan fiction.

The actor stars in “Good Omens” as Crowley, a literal demon from hell who sets out to do evil across all of human history but develops an unlikely friendship with angel Aziraphale (Michael Sheen). Armageddon is coming, and Crowley finds himself torn between his duty to wreak havoc on humanity and the fact that he has actually grown quite fond of the Earth over the millennia. Both he and Aziraphale wonder

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