Exclusive Interview – Us composer Michael Abels on playing with silence, collaborating with Jordan Peele and more

Flickering Myth writer Justin Cook chats with composer Michael Abels ahead of today’s home video release of Us…

In hindsight, Jordan Peele’s Us had the thankless job of being the follow-up to the director’s previous directorial outing — indisputably one of the most culturally impactful films of the past decade — Get Out. It should have been disappointing by all accounts; it had every right to be. But Peele rose to the occasion once again and continued his journey of becoming the next great American horror maestro. However, it wasn’t just him whose status among the visionaries of the horror genre was solidified with the film’s massive success: his go-to composer Michael Abels is deserving of esteem and praise in equal measure.

Behind every great horror film is a great score, and Abels has crafted one of the best of the year. As diverse a soundtrack as any,

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