Jeremy Renner wasn’t told what happened to Hawkeye’s family when shooting Avengers: Endgame

Because of the way Avengers: Endgame and Avengers: Infinity War were shot, Jeremy Renner didn’t know what happened to Hawkeye’s family when they vanished.

We all know after seeing Infinity War that when people around the world vanished it was because of Thanos’ snap but as Endgame and Infinity War were shot in conjunction, Jeremy Renner wasn’t aware of what was happening.

The directors apparently decided to leave Renner in the dark when shooting the scene where Hawkeye’s family vanish, prompting an honest performance from the actor. Speaking at Celebrity Fan Fest in San Antonio, the actor said:

“When we did shoot that, we shot back and forth between movies. I remember shooting with my family, teaching my daughter how to shoot a bow and arrow and I turn around and they’re just gone. And I didn’t know what was happening, I really didn’t.

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