‘American Gods’ is worthy to reign at the Emmys

After two gutsy, mind-blowing seasons on Starz, “American Gods” deserves Emmy worship for its devilish characters, thrilling plot twists and the daring premise of the whole shabang: let’s bring back the dying old gods left drooping on Mount Olympus and in the abandoned halls of Valahalla and have them declare war on the obnoxious trendoids we stupidly worship today just because they wield a smartphone like a lightning bolt and speak in tongues about Seo and 5G.

The craggy old gods we met in Season 1 were repulsive, but fascinating. Should we trust that devious Mr. Wednesday (Ian McShane as the angry Norse god Odin) who advocates for a new Armageddon to decide the new supremacy? Or should we forget the whole thing and just hop into Technical Boy’s stretch limo and head to the coolest new dance club in town? Trusting cool cats is not exactly the best

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