Tovino can connect with youth and he's struggled too: Director Salim Ahamed intv

InterviewAcclaimed filmmaker Salim Ahamed opens up about why he made ‘And The Oskar Goes To’, working with Tovino and more.CrisFacebook/SalimAhamedSalim Ahamed is in a car, leaving Thiruvananthapuram after some final work before the release of his fourth film, And The Oskar Goes To. He has a beard and a head of curls like his hero. And like him, he has once struggled quite a bit to be a filmmaker. When a movie is about a struggling filmmaker, you tend to do that – look at the director and then at his hero and search for similarities. But Salim does not tell you that he chose Tovino Thomas to play the struggling filmmaker of his story, because of the beard and the curls. “He is young and this story should talk to the young people here,” Salim says and you complete his broken line – “young people who’d be struggling just like he had once.

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