‘Child’s Play’ Review: Dir Lars Klevberg (2019)

Chidl’s Play Review: It’s been over thirty years since we were introduced to everyone’s favourite killer doll, Chucky. Since we were first introduced to him, he’s gone onto star in a total of seven movies, the most recent being 2017’s Cult of Chucky. Now Chucky follows in the steps of Freddy, Jason and Michael Myers as his story gets the reboot treatment.

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As with the other horror icon reboots, Child’s Play goes right back to the start as it retells the ordeal of young boy Andy as he finds his latest toy has murderous intentions. This time around ‘Chucky’ has been upgraded. He’s no longer just a talking doll, but rather an Alexa-type system placed into the body of a doll known as Buddi. Once synced with the cloud, Buddi can play with you, sing songs, book you a cab, control the TV,

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