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Uh-oh! Rachel Reilly’s new ‘Amazing Race’ record is in jeopardy

Uh-oh! Rachel Reilly’s new ‘Amazing Race’ record is in jeopardy

Rachel Reilly‘s new record on “The Amazing Race” looks to be short-lived. The three-time “Race” alum became the most traveled racer when she completed her 32nd leg on Leg 8 of Season 31 in Switzerland. She and sister Elissa Slater got eliminated that leg, so she couldn’t extend it any further. That allowed the Afghanimals, Leo Temory and Jamal Zadran, to tie her record on Leg 10 on Wednesday’s episode in the Netherlands, which means they could beat her record next leg.

Given how much the show drummed up Rachel breaking the record, Wednesday’s episode made no mention of Leo and Jamal matching her feat. But to be fair, the Afghanimals did provide a lot of content on their own with their ineptitude steering and finding boats in that canal.

With two cruel fourth-place finishes in Seasons 23 and 24, the Afghanimals came into Season 31 with 22 legs under their belt. Since there are two legs left,

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