Everything You Need to Remember About Jodie Landon Before Her Daria Spinoff

It might be a sick, sad world, but at least we have a new series to look forward to: Jodie, the upcoming spinoff of MTV's cult favorite Daria. Back at the cusp of the early aughts, Daria centered itself on an unlikely titular heroine: a cynical, bespectacled high schooler with a sense of humor drier than the desert. Few understood Daria Morgendorffer besides her Bff Jane Lane, but Jodie Landon came pretty close. And now, Jodie's getting her very own show, which means she'll be the first black female character to lead an adult animated series in almost 20 years.

Who Is Jodie?

The well-loved vice president of Lawndale's student council, Jodie is as intelligent as Daria but more even-keeled and socially adept. Her drive could be equated to that of Paris Geller from Gilmore Girls, though she's a lot more amicable. Besides student council, her ambitious list of extracurriculars

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