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Conecta Fiction 2019: 10 Takeaways

Madrid — The 3rd Conecta Fiction, Europe’s biggest Latin American TV co-production forum, wrapped last week in Pamplona after four days of dealing, debate and gastronomic delectation. Following 10 Takeaways from an intense and buoyant event, driven by the unfaltering growth of high-end production in Spain and most of Latin America:

1.Platform Pivot

The writing was on the wall, or more precisely the big screen of an auditorium at Pamplona’s luxurious Baluarte congress center, from the get-go of Conecta Fiction. Drama and mini-series production near tripled in Germany over 2014-18, according to Spain’s Gabinete de Estudios de la Comunicación Audiovisual (Geca). It near doubled in France last year, up to 27 titles, from 13 in 2017. Yet traditional TV viewing is still falling among young audiences, down 28.4% and 20.1% among 14-12s and 13-24s in Spain, for example, said Geca’s Luis de Zubiaurre Wagner, citing Kantor Media. The real money shot

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