Eiff 2019: Review of Australian Splatterpunker The Furies

While I initially mistook this for a film about adults who dress up as furry animals, The Furies is actually a graphic splatter movie from Australia about a group of young women who are kidnapped and taken to a forest as part of a sadistic game where they act as prey to a bunch of psychopathic masked murderers. It's a familiar set up to anyone with an interest in the horror genre, but The Furies is set apart both in the skill with which it is made, and the fact that it takes us places we didn't expect to go. It's also quite funny.

Kayla (Airlie Dodds) wakes up in a box in a forest and meets two other women who have found themselves in the same situation, and together they figure out a plan for survival. It's such a well-worn trope that you'd be forgiven for the assumption

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