Cinema Retro Covers "Witness" Location Tour Event

By Bill Duelly

(Photos copyright Bill Duelly. All rights reserved.)

Phil Lapp remembers being 6 years old and coping with a tinge of disappointment. You see, to be an extra in the movie filming in his hometown of Strasburg, Pa, he had to be 7. So he was relegated to ‘keeping Lukas occupied’. The movie was Witness. Lukas was Lukas Haas, who was the young boy that witnessed a murder. It was a big event for this small Lancaster County community. Han Solo/Indiana Jones (Harrison Ford) was in it, so he would be around as well. Phil’s dad was an extra, most notably he’s the one in silhouette, after the funeral scene, driving the cart that Kelly and Lukas are lifting bales of hay onto. His does cherish those memories of playing a lot of card games with Lukas while Kelly McGillis looked on and would occasionally join in.

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