Nekrotronic Trailer: Monica Bellucci Plays an Internet Demon in New Action Horror

Momentum Pictures has released an official trailer for Nekrotronic, the next indie horror comedy film from the Australian director of Wyrmwood: Road of the Dead, Kiah Roache-Turner. A film about an internet demon and the secret hunters who bring them down, the film looks like a surreal descent into wacky, neon-soaked madness. Ben O'Toole plays Howard 'Howie' North, a down-on-his-luck sewage worker dragged into a global conflict, while the great Monica Bellucci plays the villain, an evil demon who absorbs people's souls to gain more power. The rest of the cast includes David Wenham, Caroline Ford, Tess Haubrich, Benedict Hardie, and Epine Bob Savea. Nekrotronic premiered at the Toronto Film Festival last year. Now Momentum will release it in select...

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